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Heads up for Musketeers fans

There are comment/kink memes for the BBC's The Musketeers on bbcmusketeerskink's Dreamwidth and macerrs's LiveJournal.

Now go fill all the d'Artagnan prompts. And all the other prompts. *g*



Hi everyone

I’m fundraising for Hope2Haiti, a project run by Misha Collins and his minions, which has already helped rebuild homes in Jacmel, Haiti and created an orphanage, a dental clinic, a carpentry school and a community centre, and this summer plans to continue its good work.

This is also a personal challenge for me, as I’ve recently been dealing with depression, and I hope that earning money, meeting new people and putting myself out there will help me overcome my difficulties and get back to normal life.

If anyone would like to make a donation, big or small, or share their fundraising tips, I’d be very grateful. You can donate via my fundraising page here, and find out more about Hope2Haiti here.

Coming out

 Fuck it, I want to do this in RL, but it's never the right time, or I never have the guts to do it, so:

I'm bi. I like girls, and guys. I'm kind of in love with another woman.

There, now at least I've told someone.

Smallville rec request

 I've started very slowly watching Smallville, and I'm about halfway through season one and I'm already gagging for Clark/Lex slash. The problem is I'm kinda spoiler-phobic, so I don't want to dive in and ruin all the big surprises. Could anyone point me at some spoiler-free fic? Podfic would be awesome, but really lack-of-major-spoilers is the only important criterion. If you like you can request recs in return (see prev. post). Thanks in advance.

Podfic rec request

Hi everyone
I've been listening to a lot of podfics recently and I'm starting to run out. I got most of them from http://audiofic.jinjurly.com but as you can't see summaries without leaving the site I've mostly been listening to authors I know. I'm particularly in the mood for Merlin, but anything (preferably slashy) from Supernatural, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean or Jeeves and Wooster would be great too. I'd also appreciate links to other podfic sites. Anyone who gives me a rec can ask for one in return (fic or audio) in the above fandoms.

Fic recs

I've made a very preliminary start to moving my very extensive list of favourite fic bookmarks from my computer to Delicious, so I can tag them and anyone who might want some recs can have a look.  There's hardly anything there at the moment, but my semester has just ended so I should be able to get some more done soon. I'm trying to use as many tags as possible, so when I or anyone else wants something specific it should be easy to find.  Feel free to check it out sometime: http://delicious.com/fantasaria
P.S. Can anyone tell me how to add a 'Links' section to my sidebar?


Mar. 23rd, 2010

It's a while since I've posted, and I'm curious about this, so has anyone gotten into a show/book etc. because of the fandom, rather than the other way around? I started reading Supernatural fanfiction because I found links that promised serious porn, if I'm honest, when I knew almost nothing about the show. I'd been reading it for a while before I thought I should see what had sparked it all off and started streaming the shows. I watched every episode of every series within a week (yes, I was obsessed) and I've bought the first three boxsets, and will buy the fourth as soon as I can afford it. So the desecration of his characters for the sake of porn has actually made Kripke some money.

So has anyone else been lured into a fandom by smut (or anything else :) ) without being interested in the original? And do you now like the original?


 I'm new to LJ, although I've been following a few journals which post fanfiction.  I've tried writing some, but I've never written more than a couple of chapters.  It's like writing the ideas down kills my muses.  Does anyone else have this problem, or have any tips to get round it?